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Available Award Categories

Performance Awards:
Leading Actor in a Play
Leading Actress in a Play
Featured Actor in a Play
Featured Actress in a Play
Supporting Actor in a Play
Supporting Actress in a Play
Leading Actor in a Musical
Leading Actress in a Musical
Featured Actor in a Musical
Featured Actress in a Musical
Supporting Actor in a Musical
Supporting Actress in a Musical
Ensemble/Chorus in a Play
Ensemble/Chorus in a Musical

Design and Production Awards
Scenic Design of a Play
Scenic Design of a Musical
Set Construction of a Play
Set Construction of a Musical
Lighting Design of a Play
Lighting Design of a Musical
Sound Design of a Play
Sound Design of a Musical
Props in a Play
Props in a Musical
Special Effects in a Play
Special Effects in a Musical
Stage Crew of a Play
Stage Crew of a Musical
Costume Design of a Play
Costume Design of a Musical
Makeup Design of a Play
Makeup Design of a Musical

Music and Dance Awards

Other Awards
Direction Play or Musical
Written Play or Musical
Promotion & Publicity (team award)





Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools can participate in the Baltimore Theater Awards?
Any public or private school in the Baltimore City or Baltimore County may participate in the program.

Does it cost anything to participate in the BTA?
There will be a fee for each school to participate to cover the expense of the award trophies and general running of the program. There is a $200.00 per school and not any higher. We will keep it as low as possible so that any school that desires to participate is able to.

Who will be judging the performances for the BTA?
BTA judges are Baltimore Theatre Professionals who are currently involved in professional and semi-professional theatrical productions in the community. They are highly recognized for their creative work and commitment to the Theatre Arts.

Do schools need to do anything to accommodate the judges?
Each school will need to set (2) complimentary tickets aside for each Judge for the performance they choose to review. The Show Director will be contacted ahead of time as to which performances this will involve.

How is the judging conducted?
Each Judge will fill out a survey score sheet within 48 hours of viewing the production and writes a brief review. The BTA will submit the review to the school. The score sheet will be submitted to an accounting base.

What are the award eligibility requirements?
For a school to be eligible for an award, the category must be student performed or in the case of technical production categories, each category must be student generated and awards are only for students.

Does each school have to submit a nominee for every category?
Schools do not need to have an eligible student in every available award category.

How does actor qualify for nomination?
The Show Director will be able to submit to BTA the categories his students qualify for prior to the judged performances.

If a school  participates in the BTA can they also participate in other award programs?
Schools can participate in the BTA and other award programs if they wish. All local awards organizations celebrate high school theatre but are not connected in any way and should not conflict with each other

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